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In 2013, the people of established the Hour of Code event – a way to introduce Computer Science to children (and the masses) via hosted tutorials delivered through participating schools and companies. Considering the majority of schools don’t offer computer programming classes we thought 530medialab should get involved.

Our event last year brought in 20 people, ranging from 1st graders to grandparents. The event was a massive success, with many of the children continuing the tutorials after the event. This is a large feat, considering, for many of those kids our event was their first time participating in any type of Computer Science.

When we were contacted by for the 2nd event, we jumped at the opportunity. This year’s event brought in over 30 children, age 5 to 14, Pre-Kindergarten to High School, many returning kids from last year’s event and many new faces. With the assistance of the 530medialab staff, along with all of our equipment, the kids received 2 hours of tutorials, lunch, and the opportunity to meet our development team. The feedback was amazing. The kids were asking for more events like this and the parents were excited to see their children interacting with the tutorials and meeting people who work within Computer Science in our agency.

These events give us a great opportunity to connect with people outside of our industry and remind us how cool what we can do really is. It also shows us how excited kids can get participating in the tutorials. 

We are happy to say the kids that participated in these events at 530medialab help make up the 93,821,746 participants of the Hour of Code. And yes, we are already planning to do next year’s event.